Bubba Haralson & Tom Haralson Show Why They Are AOY!

The father-son team of Bubba and Tom Haralson are one of the best teams to hit the water in South Texas, and when these two are fishing on Amistad, there’s a good chance they will be at the top of the results, and today was no different! Bubba and Tom got the win against some of the best teams that fish on Amistad with a 24.05 five fish stringer and took home a nice paycheck for their performance. Tom Dial and Bucky Simmons came in a very close second, by less than half a pound, with 23.63, and Stan Gerzsenyi and Gonzalo Nandin finished third, also by less than a pound. The Big Bass of the tournament went to Randy and Melody Dixon with a monster 9.80 – wow! Lake Amistad is making a comeback, and we can’t wait to see how much better it gets!

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